The FrannyO Show

About FrannyO

Welcome from the FrannyO Show! We are lovers of music sharing our art with folks near and far. We play original songs crafted by FrannyO as well as popular covers. FrannyO’s music is heavily influenced by rock, folk, rhythm blues, Americana and country genres.

The FrannyO Show features Fran O’Connell, singer and guitarist, who you’ll also catch blowing on the harmonica. FrannyO is often accompanied by a variety of local and national musicians. For your special events, we can play as a solo act, duo, trio or four piece band.

The band hails from the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and you’ll find us playing in local venues such as Pic’s Pub, Celebrate Holyoke, and at the Iron Horse.

Fran and the band call The Pioneer Valley home and are proud to be a part of the healthy and vibrant local music and arts scene. We hope you'll catch us playing sometime soon! Check out our upcoming events here.

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

—Oscar Wild

The Franny O Style

The work of FrannyO has been described as unclassifiable. Fellow musicians who have watched (and helped) him evolve recognize his enthusiasm and the power behind his simple yet meaningful and poetic melodies and lyrics. He's grateful for the musicians who helped him so far on his musical journey. Fran shares stories of the common man, with themes of life, love, and lessons learned along the way.

He describes himself as a middle-aged guy sharing his personal story while conveying other stories from life around him. He can walk a mile in another's shoes and strives to share the challenges in our world including the stories of the disenfranchised, such as the LBGTQ community, people of color and those living in poverty. He likes to show through music how complicated the world is and how we can forgive others and recognize their histories and how it connects to their actions. Fran likes to meet you where you are and hopes we'll all continue to grow and change.

Fran isn't afraid of being vulnerable and will approach serious topics with a little brevity and humor. Most importantly, he wants to spread love and light to all!

Fran was always a music listener, but as a young adult, focused on athletic endeavors. After an injury prevented him from being competitive, he was looking for another outlet. With his businesses stateside and in Puerto Rico, he was certainly busy, but was seeking something new to display his creative side, which was just itching to get out! Franny was certainly inspired by musically inclined family members, including his Dad, a police officer. He was an accomplished singer with a full and deep voice and was known as the Singing Policeman. His sister also played guitar quite well.
Much to his wife’s consternation, he took up the bass, which he struggled to learn and love. Then, one day, when in Puerto Rico, he noticed a fundamental guitar under the bed in a guest room. It was a guitar from Downtown Sounds in Northampton, that came with a little booklet. He started strumming and got the grasp of guitar playing in a day.
Fran always wanted to be like his dad, but his singing wasn’t spot on as a child. He never knew if had the potential. Lucky for him, he found his voice with Celia’s Voice Studio after returning from Puerto Rico. Celia used techniques for event registration and other voice techniques to help Fran find his own unique voice. He initially attended an event where Celia worked with inspiring singers who showed immediate transformation. Fran thought they were plants, the transformation was that astounding!  She helped him through the process of becoming confident in his singing and his singing improved exponentially. Celia shared that many children have stifled singing voices without the opportunity to grow in that area as a youngster. 
Fran went on to get additional voice coaching with Jamie Kent and Jane Hanson. Not forgetting the importance of improving upon his guitar work, he even attended the Fur Peace guitar camp of Jorma Koukonen.
Fran is a consummate songwriter and can wile away the hours crafting new songs for the band. He surrounds himself with respected musicians, constantly learning from them. He lives in the former Frank Lucchesi Luthier building (the 518) and has set up a “salon” inviting artists to play, break bread together and enjoy each other’s company. Music feeds Fran's soul. As someone who is in a profession exposing to death and dying, he has learned that time is fleeting. Becoming a part of the world of music is just one of the ways that Fran has grasped onto a challenge and turned it into a great success. 
Fran will always be grateful to other area musicians who were both gracious and generous. They always cut him some slack and gave so much. Musicians can be discounted in our society and the music industry is becoming more in favor of the industry itself than the musicians. For that reason, support from the local community of musicians has such a big impact.